The Omnia Difference


Why build with us?

When investing in your new home you want to feel confident that you are in the right hands. We have a strong belief that it’s the people who are working with you on your new home that are going to make the difference.

That’s why Omnia Homes is all about who we are as people. As part of the process of building with us, we ensure that you will personally meet the whole team before you make any commitments. We want you to be a part of the process of building your new home. We encourage our customers to contact anyone in the team no matter what questions or help they may need.

Knowing that you can speak to any member of the team throughout you time with Omnia Homes gives you the confidence that you will always be a part of the process.

Fixed Price Building Contracts within 2 weeks

That’s correct, 2 weeks after signing off on your final quotation we will have contracts ready. Once your quotation is signed the prices are completely fixed. That’s the advantage of having already completed you colour and electrical appointments well before you are required to commit to anything.

Guaranteed Site Start & Completion Date

We believe your time is important. Everyone has schedules and plans which they need to make. That’s why we provide an actual site start date and completion date for all our new homes. That way customer can organise themselves well in advance and look forward to their new Omnia Home.

True Fixed Price Quotes

Receive your final all-inclusive quotation before you pay anything. No Deposits until we have walked you through every detail, hence being a True Fixed Price.

Quality Construction

We don’t just promise quality, we go above that and ensure quality. We do this by engaging an independent inspector to check the key stages of work. That way we can be confident that you will be moving into a quality home.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with good value. At Omnia Homes we don’t want our customers paying for over the top marketing, extravagant display homes and offices. We put the value back into your home with better prices and more inclusions.

Personalised Service

Everyone at Omnia Homes will be working together to complete your new home. Have a question and as soon as you call you will get the answer – that simple. Our customers are valuable to us and not just a number. Whether your home is under construction, post construction or you are still in the pre-construction phase you can speak to anyone of us.

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